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The sky’s the limit for Mehul Rathod at his 10-year mark

Regional Master Franchises, Dries Mangnus presents Mehul Rathod with his 10-Year Long Service Award.
Regional Master Franchises, Dries Mangnus presents Mehul Rathod with his 10-Year Long Service Award.

For Mehul Rathod, it feels like only yesterday that he started his business as a CrestClean franchisee. He is now the proud recipient of a 10-Year Long Service Award and says the last decade has flown by.

“I don’t even realise that it’s been 10 years. It’s gone so fast and I’m still full of energy. I never get bored.”

Mehul partnered with another CrestClean franchisee for two years before deciding to go into business on his own. He purchased a CrestClean franchise in 2014 and juggled his Business Analyst job and cleaning business for almost four years.

Working two jobs Monday to Friday meant Mehul had limited time to focus on his business. After a conversation with Auckland Central Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, Julie Griffin, Mehul realised that to be successful, he would need to put his full attention into his business.  

“Julie came to me and said I should focus on my business where there is real opportunity for growth. So, I decided to go full-time with CrestClean,” recalls Mehul.

His decision to put all his energy into his business has paid off. With long-standing customers and an ever-increasing GTO, the sky’s the limit for Mehul Rathod.

“Because of CrestClean, I’m having a good life. I have two houses. I’m driving two beautiful cars. That’s the freedom and liberty I get,” says Mehul.

Mehul loves the flexibility and unlimited potential that comes with owning a business. He’s also able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. When his daughter was born five years ago, he could stay home during the day and spend quality time with her.

“I was at home during the day most days, so I could take care of my daughter. That’s why we have a really good bond,” he says.

Mehul works alongside his brother under the business name Rathod Brothers. They’ve had big goals since day one. Starting out with a humble 50k GTO, they’re now close to turning over 500k.

“Our goal was to reach 300k and we sat on that for about one and a half years. I thought ‘what are we waiting for?’ So, we changed the target to 500k. I’m almost there, so now I want to reach as far as I can go,” says Mehul.

“If I have any more opportunities, I will never say no. I’m more than happy to keep growing my business.”

Mehul’s ambition has taken his business to new heights. Now, he has a team of six staff members, with two of them having worked with him for seven years.

“We work as a team, so I never act like I’m a boss. I go on the ground level and work with them,” he says.

After a whole decade in business, Mehul is still as enthusiastic as he was on day one.

“It just feels like yesterday that I started. I really enjoy what I’m doing.”


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