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Behind the scenes at New Zealand’s largest port with CrestClean’s Cesar and Malcolm

Cesar Rogacion parks along the Mount Maunganui wharf while he tends to his daily cleaning duties.

The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand’s largest port, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cleaning a port of this size is not just about keeping surfaces shiny; it’s a meticulous balance of co-ordination, safety and consistency.

CrestClean franchisees, Cesar Rogacion and Malcolm Brown, are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes who ensure the port’s high-use amenities remain pristine and operational.

Cesar and Malcolm manage the cleaning in different areas of the port. Cesar’s taken care of the Mount Maunganui side for almost four years, while Malcolm’s managed the Sulphur Point side and the port’s office building for almost six years.

The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand’s largest port and a 24/7 operation.

Cesar arrives at the port between 7am and 8am and begins cleaning the numerous toilets dotting the Mount Maunganui side.

“I make sure everything’s topped up and spotless before the day begins,” he says.

For Cesar, a daily clean at the port includes 45 toilets. He’s established a routine that ensures he works efficiently while keeping standards high.

“I have a good system and use the training that CrestClean gave us. Using CrestClean chemicals also helps ease the burden of cleaning so many toilets,” says Cesar.

Malcolm looks after the toilets on the Sulphur Point side every day, making sure they’re clean and well stocked. Having managed these toilet blocks for almost six years, he has perfected his routine.

“It all depends on how you maintain them. I look after them well, so they’re not a major to clean,” he says.

If any dispensers have been damaged overnight, Malcolm is there to replace them every morning. Once finished, he heads to the port headquarters to clean the office spaces and staff kitchen.

Malcolm gets to the port at 6am while it’s still dark. Despite the darkness of the early hours, the port shines bright with safety lighting. “It’s lit up like a Christmas tree”, he says, ensuring port staff can continue their work at all hours.

Malcolm arrives at the port while it’s still dark.

Being an early bird by nature, Malcolm enjoys being up before the sun, especially when there’s a good sunrise on display over the water.

“Starting work early in the morning is the best,” he says.

“Quite often you see some of the guys taking photos as the sun comes up.”

Cesar’s work extends to the Blue Road Zone which is a high-security environment with authorised access only. As a higher-risk area, access cards are issued by the port to ensure only those permitted can enter the zone.

“Trucks are crossing, they’re bringing logs in and out. There are big cranes too, so we need to be careful. We always abide by the rules inside the port”, says Cesar.

Safety is paramount at the port. Arriving early, Cesar and Malcolm are often there as heavy trucks are coming in. With many moving parts, Cesar and Malcolm keep themselves and others safe by adhering to the port’s strict Workplace Safety requirements.

“You need to be focused every day,” says Cesar.

Resident sea lion “Tarseal” stops in at the port from time to time.

“All areas are a risk, so we drive slow and stick to their rules,” says Malcolm.

No two days are the same at the port. In the ever-changing environment, Cesar and Malcolm are ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. From tide changes to tsunami warnings, to unexpected visits from “Tarseal” the sea lion, anything can happen at any time.

“We fit in around them and try not to hold them up. We’re there to make sure they can carry on working,” says Malcolm.

Over the years, Malcolm and Cesar have become well acquainted with the port’s security and operational staff.

“We have a good rapport. You’ve got to be flexible to help and they appreciate that,” says Malcolm.

“I know everyone from there. They call me by my first name. We’re like family inside the port,” says Cesar.


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