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Revolutionising waste management with RecycleKiwi and centralised rubbish bins

Centralised rubbish bin system using RecycleKiwi stickers and posters.
Centralised rubbish bin system using RecycleKiwi stickers and posters.

Centralised rubbish bins replace individual desk bins with a designated waste station. This simple yet impactful approach to waste management in businesses and schools encourages proper waste separation and streamlines recycling initiatives.

CrestClean’s Auckland West Regional Master Franchisee, Caroline Wedding, has been leading the charge in highlighting the benefits of implementing centralised rubbish bin systems to schools and business still using individual desk bins.

“Centralised bins remove all the individual bins at desks. It makes people think about what they’re putting in the bin and teaches them how to separate waste,” says Caroline.

With the recent changes to recycling standards, there’s never been a better time to do away with individual rubbish bins and implement a centralised system. It’s also never been easier. RecycleKiwi is onboard with the changes, offering a free resource pack for businesses and schools looking to set up a comprehensive centralised bin system.

Boosting efficiency for cleaning teams

Beyond waste management, centralised rubbish bins significantly improve cleaning efficiency for CrestClean teams by minimising the time spent emptying individual bins. This allows cleaning teams to dedicate more time to critical areas, contributing to a cleaner and more hygienic workplace.

Caroline notes that eliminating individual bins not only benefits the cleanliness of the space but also helps cleaning teams in being more effective.

“It’s all about efficiencies and making sure that we’re spending those few extra minutes in your critical hygiene areas, such as your kitchen and toilet,” she says.

Sustainability made simple

For businesses and schools, going green isn’t just trendy, it’s essential. It shows they care about the environment and have a commitment to reducing their own environmental footprint.

As Caroline reiterates, centralised rubbish bins provide a simple yet effective way to make progress with your sustainability efforts.

“While a lot of businesses are already doing it very well, there are just as many that are not because they don’t have that ‘eco-warrior-type’ person in their business,” she says.

“Centralised rubbish bins are a good place to start for businesses that don’t have someone who’s driving sustainability. It keeps it simple with small steps in the right direction.”

Affordable waste management solutions

Investing in sustainability doesn’t have to strain your budget. Setting up a centralised rubbish bin system is an easy way to kickstart a waste management programme without a hefty initial investment. By eliminating individual bin liners and using RecycleKiwi’s free colour-coded waste separation stickers, switching to centralised rubbish bins is very budget-friendly.

Caroline aptly calls herself the ‘bin buddy’ for businesses and organisations looking to improve their waste management with a centralised bin system.

“We offer advice and solutions, demonstrating that it’s not an expensive thing to start, but you do need to start somewhere,” she says.

“I’m here to advise and point people in the right direction.”

Get ahead of stricter recycling rules

The new national recycling standards will see councils step up their fight against recycling contamination.

Auckland Council has already begun their zero-tolerance campaign and several regions around the country have employed bin inspectors to check a sample of bins, red-tagging the properties that have contaminated recycling.

A centralised bin system encourages people to consciously think about where they’re putting their waste. By taking proactive steps to avoid recycling contamination, you not only align with national recycling standards but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable community.

Order your free RecycleKiwi Resources Pack at recyclekiwi.co.nz/resources/ and create colour-coded centralised rubbish bins that clearly define where to put different types of waste.

If your business or school is still using individual desk bins, it’s time to your transform your approach to waste management and reap the benefits of centralised bin system.


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