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CrestClean supports Homes of Hope in creating safe haven for vulnerable children

CrestClean’s Jan Lichtwark has supported Homes of Hope with a weekly clean for over five years.

Homes of Hope is a non-profit organisation in Tauranga that offers safe, nurturing homes for children who have experienced trauma and other services such as Child Centred Play Therapy, whānau support, parenting support and supervised access. The therapeutic foster care model means siblings can stay together in a stable home for as long as needed. With no guaranteed government funding, Homes of Hope relies on community support to continue their vital work.

CrestClean’s Tauranga Regional Master Franchisee, Jan Lichtwark, acknowledges the significant impact that Homes of Hope has on the community. For over five years, Jan has generously sponsored Homes of Hope with a free weekly clean of their offices and Child Centred Play Therapy/Social Work HUB.

“Homes of Hope is a great organisation that helps and supports children. Sponsoring the cleaning of their site is a pleasure. I feel it is the least I could do. Any money they can save can be put back into looking after the children and their facility,” says Jan.

Homes of Hope co-founder and CEO, Hilary Price, is grateful for Jan’s support, recognising its practical benefits for the organisation.

“Having CrestClean support us in this way is a wonderful, practical and in-kind, sponsorship that ensures our office and Child Centred Play Therapy/Social Work HUB are kept hygienically refreshed and ready for service each week,” says Hilary. 

The use of both Child-Centred Play Therapy and Trust-Based Relational Intervention models help support the rebuilding of a child’s sense of identity and self-worth. These models provide practical techniques that enable Homes of Hope therapists, social workers and caregivers to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children. These skills are also transferable and can be taught to parents or whānau who are either having tamariki returned to their care or are struggling with tamariki they are already caring for.

“I love how Homes of Hope provides our community with practical ways of responding to our most vulnerable children and families’ needs,” says Hilary.

However, resources are stretched and the small team at Homes of Hope must prioritise the well-being of children in their care and other services. With their workload already full to the brim, the team have little time to spend cleaning the facilities. Thanks to CrestClean’s weekly clean, the Homes of Hope team can focus on the most important aspects of their work.

“Without this support, we would need to find the resources required to continue this important mahi (work). With access to funding difficult and scarce, this would be very difficult for us,” says Hilary.

“We are a very small team who are already stretched and contributing in practical ways to the running of our homes and services, so CrestClean’s support is highly valued.”

The team’s dedication to expanding their reach means more children can benefit from the services Homes of Hope offers. With community support behind them, they can make an even greater impact.

Every donation, no matter the size, significantly benefits the organisation. Many supporters contribute a small monthly amount, which Hilary considers the most impactful way to support Homes of Hope.

“The very best way for people to support us right now is with a small donation. If a lot of folks gave a little that would make a big difference,” says Hilary.

Small, regular donations give organisations like Homes of Hope some financial stability in uncertain times, ensuring their care for vulnerable children and families can continue. Homes of Hope recently helped a young Mum into her first independent accommodation with her two children as an extension of the organisation’s therapeutic and parent support.

“We did this thanks to the individual donations we receive which enabled us to extend our support,” says Hilary. 

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is crucial for delivering the highest quality care to Kiwi children. This is where Jan’s ongoing support proves invaluable.

“Words are inadequate when it comes to trying to express our gratitude for the support we receive from CrestClean.  We value and appreciate this practical help and support, thank you.”

Through compassion and empathy, Homes of Hope can change the trajectory of a child’s life. If you’d like to support Homes of Hope, visit www.homesofhope.org.nz/how-you-can-help


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