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Christchurch Mum finds success on her terms as CrestClean franchise owner

Mandeep Kaur celebrates three years as a CrestClean franchise owner.

Christchurch franchise owner Mandeep Kaur is a mother of two young children and knows the struggle of balancing family and career. After immigrating to New Zealand from India in 2017, she sought a way to earn a good living while maintaining a strong presence in her children’s lives.

The answer came in 2020 when she purchased a CrestClean franchise. She’s now hit the three-year milestone as an entrepreneur and her commitment to quality has resulted in incredible customer retention.

Owning her own business empowers her and allows her to achieve her goals.

“As a female, I wanted to own a business and be independent. I’m now managing my business on my own,” Mandeep says.

Mandeep’s journey is inspiring for mothers everywhere. Prior to CrestClean, she worked as a tailor in Christchurch, often clocking 11-hour shifts and leaving her with very little family time.

“I wasn’t mentally or physically available for my children,” she recalls.

“My energy was down, and I wasn’t playing with them because I just wanted to relax after my long shift.”

Mandeep gained control over her schedule and workload when she became a CrestClean franchise owner. With the help of her husband and brother, Mandeep maintains the highest standards on all of her cleaning sites.

“My children were the main reason I bought a CrestClean franchise. I have changed my lifestyle so my children can be more comfortable and so I can have a good bond with them,” she says.

This dedication to family is Mandeep’s strength. She has created a healthy work-life balance and now earns an income that helps her achieve many goals. In 2021, Mandeep and her husband purchased their first home.

When her children are older, Mandeep will take the opportunity to expand her business.

“When the time comes, I will go for it,” she says.

For now, it’s ‘family first’ for Mandeep.

As a strong advocate for CrestClean, she says owning a franchise is an ideal option for mothers seeking a flexible and rewarding career path.

“I would recommend it to mothers who want to work. If they are prepared to work hard, this is the best option for them,” says Mandeep.

Mandeep’s story shatters misconceptions about cleaning businesses. With a bright future ahead, she is an inspiration to mothers everywhere, proving that success can be built on a foundation of family.

And she’s committed to reaching many more long-term milestones.

“I’ll reach 10 years next!” she laughs.

Christchurch Regional Master Franchisee, Yasa Panagoda, says Mandeep is known for her willingness to go above and beyond.

“Mandeep always goes the extra mile to look after her customers,” says Yasa.

Congratulations, Mandeep. No doubt we’ll hear about more of your successes in the future.


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