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CrestClean on the road – biannual audits ensure vehicle excellence

Health Safety and Wellbeing Leader, Ian Noon, attends Tauranga vehicle audits to check CrestClean vehicles alongside Operations Manager, Pinakin Patel and Quality Assurance Co-ordinator, Woo-Sung Lee.

CrestClean takes health and safety seriously, and that commitment extends to ensuring all franchisee vehicles meet specific criteria.  Health Safety and Wellbeing Leader, Ian Noon, has been diligently conducting audits to ensure all 740 vehicles meet the company’s high standards – and he’s doing it twice a year!

Ian’s commitment has taken him across the country, visiting Christchurch, Taranaki, Palmerston North, Kāpiti Coast, Tauranga, Whakatāne, Rotorua, Taupō, and Napier so far. 

Woo-Sung Lee checks the interior of a CrestClean vehicle.

In Auckland, where there is a significant number of vehicles, audits can take up to four days. To avoid long waits and traffic jams, Ian has implemented a booking system that’s created a smooth and efficient process.

Ian works alongside each region’s Quality Assurance Co-ordinators to inspect the interior and exterior of every vehicle.

“We basically look at the vehicle and make sure it’s in good condition,” says Ian.

“We make sure the signwriting’s as it should be, there are no dents, scratches or dirty marks on the outside of the vehicle.”

Ian and the QA team also check the vehicle’s interior, ensuring it’s clean and equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies and current safety information.

“We go through their entire cleaning kit, checking that all electrical equipment is tested, tagged and up to date,” says Ian.

“We make sure they’ve got all the chemicals that they should have and they’re all correctly labelled with safety data sheets.”

If a vehicle fails an audit, the franchise owner receives an email outlining the issues needing to be rectified. They are then required to provide evidence to the Master Franchisee that the issues have been resolved. This process ensures every CrestClean vehicle you see on the road meets our high safety and quality standards.

It was a successful day at the vehicle audits in Tauranga. Ian will be back in six months to do it all again!


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