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Balclutha franchise owners come prepared for every task with impressive ute and trailer system

Farina and Farsheed Shah transport heavy cleaning machinery in their CrestClean trailer.

Farina and Farsheed Shah are a husband-and-wife team that have owned a CrestClean franchise in Balclutha for almost 10 years. The couple are a shining example of franchisee success.

The Shahs are renowned for their expertise in both carpet and hard floor cleaning. Recognising the importance of reliable equipment, they’ve invested in an impressive ute and trailer system.

The setup allows them to efficiently transport their heavy machinery, including a carpet cleaner and a floor scrubber. The trailer also serves as a convenient mobile unit for all their cleaning products and equipment.

The easy-access trailer makes it easy to transport heavy equipment to cleaning sites.

“The back door opens up as a ramp so it’s very easy to load and unload our big machines,” says Farina.

Farina and Farsheed take pride in running a family-oriented business. The couple’s two sons help them with their daily cleans at the Clutha Community Hub, a $25 million multipurpose facility featuring offices and a large auditorium.

“It’s a really nice facility with offices and a big auditorium that gets hired for functions. My team cleans there from Monday to Saturday,” says Farina.

Cleaning the Clutha Community Hub regularly involves carpet and hard floor cleaning, of which the Shah’s are well-equipped to handle. With their impressive ute and trailer setup, the Shahs are always prepared to tackle any cleaning job.


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