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Taranaki couple awarded for excellence in first year as franchise owners

John and Jezka Birondo have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for their dedication to exceptional customer service.

CrestClean franchise owners, John and Jezka Birondo were recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of their outstanding customer service.

Upon receiving the news, Jezka was lost for words.

“John and I were speechless,” she says.

“We’re very honoured to receive this award. It gives us motivation to continue to do the best that we can possibly deliver to our customers.”

Originally from the Philippines, the couple has called New Zealand home for the past ten years. They currently reside in Taranaki with their two children, aged 11 and 1.

Prior to owning a franchise, John and Jezka put their healthcare expertise to work at a rest home. John is a Registered Nurse and Jezka is a Registered Diversional Therapist who improves the well-being of the elderly by providing activities for them. While John now focuses full-time on their growing cleaning business, Jezka has kept her role at the rest home, helping John with cleaning in the evenings.

In just one year of owning their CrestClean franchise, John and Jezka have earned recognition for their hard work and exceptional customer service. Customers have been quick to notice the couple’s willingness to go the extra mile.

“We respect their sites and make sure we do what is expected of us, and we make sure we do it right based on what the site really needs,” says Jezka.

Jezka says communication is key to maintaining great customer relationships.

“We try our best to be able to see customers on the site and ask how everything is going. That way, if there’s something that we missed, we are aware and we can fix it.”

“A little extra help also goes a long way. I think the most important factor is really a good communication and professional relationships with the customer.”

Family is extremely important to John and Jezka and they’re now able to enjoy plenty of time together. The couple are enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a business.

“Time with our family is everything to us. We’ve got growing kids and we want to share special memories,” says Jezka.

John and Jezka’s positive experience has led them to recommend a CrestClean franchise to friends. Two of their friends have already purchased franchises in the Taranaki region. The couple is busy setting goals to expand their business in the future.

They have also actively participated in the numerous training opportunities offered by CrestClean.

“I love that CrestClean has given us the opportunity to train in things like professional communication, time management and how to invest our money wisely. It really helps a lot,” says Jezka.

Congratulations John and Jezka. We look forward to hearing about more of your successes in the future.


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