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  • Following in his parents’...

    Cleaning team standing by van.

    When the time came for Razim Mohammad to stand on his own two feet, it was his parents’ footsteps he followed in. After helping them in their CrestClean business for seven years, he decided to buy a franchise of his own — and six months later he has more than

  • Million-dollar celebration for Auckland...

    Cleaning team with hands in air.

    CrestClean’s Auckland East teams have cause for celebration — over the past three years they have collectively increased their turnover by a million dollars. Auckland East Regional Manager Linda Hill says the 28 franchise teams have worked hard to grow their businesses and are reaping the rewards. “It’s been amazing

  • Cleaners lighten the load...

    Cleaners and property manager standing outside school.

    As the property manager of a large primary school, Martin Poulton has plenty of things on his ‘to-do’ list — but thanks to Ravinesh Prasad and Kanchal Rekha cleaning is not one of them! The CrestClean franchisees have been cleaning Murrays Bay Primary School since joining the company three years ago

  • Auckland Central celebrates 200th...

    Cleaning team beside van.

    It has always been Paul and Abegail Romualdo’s dream to own their own business. In becoming CrestClean franchisees, not only have they achieved their dream, they have hit another milestone — they are the 200th franchise team to join the Auckland Central region. Originally from the island of Mindanao in

  • Couple futureproof with a...

    Cleaning franchisees standing by their van.

    In an uncertain world, Arishma and Dharmen Chand are building some certainty into their future with a CrestClean franchise. Like many New Zealanders, their income was affected by last year’s nationwide lockdown. An aluminium fabricator, Dharmen’s hours were reduced and, while Arishma’s job as a medical administrator was not affected,

  • Helping maintain high standards...

    When Viand Foods, an award-winning specialty meats producer, decided to outsource their cleaning, they wanted a service that they could ‘set and forget’ — and they found it in CrestClean. “The communication’s good. We set out what we need them to do and it gets done. In the morning when

  • Teneaki and Francis celebrate...

    Spending time together as a family was few and far between for Teneaki and Francis Nawaia when they lived in Kiribati. Working as a deckhand on cruise ships, Francis would be away for up to up to 18 months at a time, leaving Teneaki to raise their eight children largely

  • Meet New Zealand’s largest...

    Cleaning team enjoys Christmas function

    In 2007 Srirangitharajah (Sri) Gunasingam fled Sri Lanka as a refugee, arriving in New Zealand with little more than the shirt on his back. Thirteen years later, he is the proud owner of New Zealand’s largest CrestClean franchise, with a turnover of $800,000. A successful restaurateur in Sri Lanka, Sri

  • New home and residency...

    Franchisees excited to own their own home

    Auckland franchisees Maulik and Jainisa Patel have triple cause for celebration. Not only is it their two-year wedding anniversary this month, but the couple have also recently bought their first home and Jainisa has been granted a Partnership Resident Visa, which means she can now officially become a director of

  • Sweet appreciation on 'Thank...

    Cleaners rewarded for good work

    If you could get paid in chocolate, would you? Strictly speaking, CrestClean franchisees Shiva and Shartika aren’t paid in chocolate, but they often receive sweet little ‘bonuses’. Cottonsoft employees regularly show their appreciation by leaving chocolate bars and other gifts on their desks for the pair to find when they

  • High standards maintained as...

    CrestClean business owners in Auckland who attended an audit of their vehicles were applauded for maintaining high standards of compliance. Dozens of vehicles were inspected in the wide-ranging checks, which also covered equipment and materials used by the franchised owner-operators. Ian Noon, CrestClean’s Health Safety and Wellbeing leader, says it’s

  • Living the Kiwi dream...

    A determined CrestClean couple have managed to achieve what for many is the impossible dream. It’s through their hard work that Thang Hlawnceu and Van Par Hnem have been able to purchase a home of their own in Auckland. After years of renting they are loving the freedom of being


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