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School puts on surprise morning tea to celebrate franchisees’ business success

Matakana School principal Darrel Goosen, right, and staff celebrate with CrestClean franchisees Bura Takinoa and Kamoroa Tito.

In the past 10 years, Bura Takinoa and Kamoroa Tito have bought two houses, put one of their sons through university and funded another son’s education at a prestigious boys’ high school so he could pursue his rugby aspirations.

Recently they purchased a ute, so they can tow the 6.5m aluminium boat they plan to buy next year.

“My CrestClean business has helped me with everything,” says Bura.

The North Harbour franchisees were recently presented with a CrestClean 10-Year Long Service Award at one of their customer sites, Matakana School, where the principal, Darrel Goosen, arranged a special morning tea and presented Kamoroa with flowers.

“It was a great privilege being able to present something like that to hardworking people who make everything we do at school just that much easier and that much more pleasant — and that would apply to every school and business that they work in,” says Darrel.

“I sometimes feel that people don’t get thanked for the jobs that are done behind the scenes. It was really great to be able to celebrate with them. I had my key staff with me as well, to show appreciation for a fantastic career and all the dedication that goes with it.”

Bura and Kamoroa have been cleaning at the school for the past year, after their previous cleaner resigned.

“I approached CrestClean based on what I’d heard from other schools in the area and was lucky enough to have Bura and Kamoroa arrive and we’ve never looked back. I am so impressed with their manner and their work ethic is astounding.”

Darrel was asked to present the award after being approached by Neil Kumar, CrestClean’s North Harbour Regional Master Franchisee.

“Neil knows that I really appreciate them and he couldn’t think of anybody better to present it to them. It was really good for my key staff to hear how successful they have been with their business. Their story is really inspirational.”

It was a really special moment when they received the award, says Neil.

“Bura and Kamoroa are very hardworking and dedicated. It was really nice of the school to show their appreciation by going the extra mile with a morning tea and flowers.”

Bura says, although he knew they were getting an award, the morning tea was a complete surprise.

“I thought we were just getting a certificate, but when we arrived the whole crew was there in the office! I didn’t expect it, I felt quite emotional,” he says.

The couple moved to New Zealand from Kiribati in 2008, and bought a franchise four years later on the recommendation of Bura’s uncle, Francis Nawaia, who has had a franchise since 2010.

Bura has worked on a capsicum farm since arriving in New Zealand — and he continues to work there during the day as a supervisor.

Kamoroa works fulltime in their CrestClean business and is joined by Bura in the evenings. Together they have grown the size of their business to 11 times its original size.

A year after joining CrestClean they bought their first home, followed by a rental property five years later.

They have also been able to support their eldest son, Teitiata, 21, through university where he studied electrical engineering, and next year he is joining the Air Force.

Their middle son, Titera, 18, who is in his final year of college at Westlake Boys High School, plans to study law next year. Having played in the 1st XV rugby team at school, Titera was this year selected for the North Harbour development squad.

Being in a secure financial position, Bura and Kamoroa are confident they will be able to help their youngest son, Toatu, 8, fulfil his future aspirations too.

“We would not have been able to achieve all these things without CrestClean,” says Bura.

“I am looking forward to getting the boat next year, so I can take the whole family out fishing and we can spend quality time together.”


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