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Building a Future with CrestClean

CrestClean is proud to have more than 130 Filipino franchise teams across New Zealand, who are building successful futures for themselves and their families. Read some of their success stories below.

CrestClean business brings family closer together

The Aberde family enjoys working together, from left, Noy, Yasmin, Jude and Josh.

Since owning a CrestClean franchise, the Aberde family in Tauranga are spending more time together than ever, and they couldn’t be happier.

Noy and his oldest son Jude, 25, are directors, while wife Yasmin and their middle son, Josh, 19, also work in the business. Their youngest son Joseph, 13, is still at school, but is also reaping the rewards by getting more time with his mum and dad now that they are working better hours.

A production manager for 30 years, Noy says the decision to buy a CrestClean business was driven by a desire to achieve a better work-life balance.

“It’s been great that my boys have been able to see me in action and learn from my experience and abilities. We are happy that we have time together as a family, we are really enjoying it,” says Noy.

“Family time is really important to us. Now I can take my son to school — I haven’t done that my whole life — and we take turns picking him up in the afternoons. I said, ‘No-one’s going to put him on the bus… it’s part of our family values.”

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Franchisees achieve health and wellness goals after joining CrestClean

Husband and wife cleaners standing under a tree.
Gore franchisees Christine and Millard Macairan.

When Millard Macairan had a heart attack at the age of 52, her knew something had to change — so he bought a CrestClean franchise.

He and his wife Christine are now earning more than when they were dairy farming but, more importantly, it’s much less stressful and has given them time to focus on health and wellness.

“Now we are encouraging our friends to join CrestClean. We are hoping they will listen to us!”

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Business ownership gives Karen more time and energy for motherhood

Cleaner spending time with her 18-month-old son.
Karen Taojo with her son Gavin.

Karen Tajo is enjoying more time with her son, after giving up night shifts at a meat processing plant to become a CrestClean franchisee.

“I have found the right job for me, I can look after my son and spend lots of time with him, and I have more energy than before,” says Karen.

She recommends CrestClean to other mothers with young children who are looking for a career change.

“If you have a chance to buy a franchise with CrestClean then go for it, it’s worth it.”

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Filipino business owners enjoy friendship and success in South Canterbury

Ashburton franchisees, back row, from left, Danvie Ranay, Michael Rigor, Ace Ucol, Nilo Pombo, Bernard Rivera and Ian Abuyabor,, and front row, from left, Karen Taojo, Jennie Ranay, Rosa Rigor, Joy Pombo, Lilly Orena, Rochelle Ucol and Vivian Abuyabor.

CrestClean is proving popular amongst South Canterbury’s Filipino community, with more than half of franchisees in the region originating from the Philippines.

CrestClean is proud to have 59 nationalities represented in its franchise network, including more than 130 Filipino teams throughout New Zealand.

“You can make a lot of money compared to other jobs and the hours are good,” says Joy Pombo, who is the longest-serving franchisee in South Canterbury.

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Melany’s happiness at work is infectious

Dunedin franchisee Melany Baltar.

After 10 years in hotel management and housekeeping, Melany Baltar is enjoying owning her own business.

One of her customers is the Dunedin Cancer Society where she cleans the offices and communal areas in the adjoining Daffodil House.

Melany says she loves working at the Cancer Society and putting a smile on people’s faces.

“The staff there are lovely, and so are the guests… I’m happy when I’m working,” says Melany.

“She’s so cheerful, she greets everybody with that beautiful smile, and she recognises why people are here which is really important,” says Daffodil House and Supportive Care Administrator Fiona Cutler.

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