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  • PestCo gains momentum

    CrestClean’s pest control service PestCo is gaining momentum following its launch in Auckland and Tauranga. PestCo, which is a division of CrestClean, provides customers with pest control services and Integrated Pest Management programmes. Integrated Pest Management is an educated, strategic approach to pest control that minimises risks to people and

  • CrestClean hosts Health and...

    Navigating new requirements around the Health and Safety Reform Bill is vital to understanding how to protect your workplace from third party health and safety risks. This was the focus of a recent Health and Safety seminar that was run by CrestClean in conjunction with the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce.

  • Tauranga Team Meets New...

    As CrestClean continues to grow, new people are joining the business at all the times, in all the regions. Jason Cheng recently moved from Auckland to Hamilton to take on the role of Quality Assurance Co-ordinator for Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Jason is one of several company officers throughout

  • School Holidays are a...

    It’s the day before for the new term at Te Puke High School and Principal Alan Liddle says having CrestClean do a special Term Clean of every block makes a difference for returning staff and students. “Oh certainly, the school feels different after a Term Clean,” he says. “It’s one

  • NZ Golfing Pro Awarded...

    Tauranga CrestClean franchisees and their families gathered for their annual Christmas party at Kwang Chow in Mount Maunganui. The rainy day was brightened by an all-you-can-eat Chinese food feast and the good company of a great team. Franchisees, friends and family were able to mingle among several tables, catching up

  • Experienced Quality Assurance manager...

    Jason Cheng is CrestClean’s new Operations Co-ordinator for Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions, which includes Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo and Whakatane. This role requires Jason to undertake quality audits, assist with implementing new contracts and be a guiding force for franchisees new to the business. Crest has similar co-ordinators

  • Pure Water Gets a...

    CrestClean’s Pure Water Window Cleaning System in operation at the ANZ Building in Tauranga is an impressive sight. The four storey building is located at the busy intersection of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street, and most of the structure and its features can be done from ground level with the

  • Carpet Cleaning Programme Saves...

    Businesses and building owners are waiting too long to do the carpet cleaning required to keep their workplaces and properties clean and hygienic – and it’s costing them. “The biggest problem I notice with carpets is that maintenance gets deferred and it ends up costing property owners more and taking

  • Hard Floor Care a...

    In Tauranga, all the franchisees new to CrestClean in the past four months are now also fully trained in Hard Floor Care. “I tell all my franchisees they need this skill if they’re going to be doing any sort of floor care,” says Jan Lichtwark, Regional Director for Tauranga. “Some

  • Good Year for Tauranga...

    Spirits were high as cheerful CrestClean Franchisees gathered at the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce’s Smart Business Centre for a luncheon Team Meeting on the 4th of August. For the past several months, CrestClean Managing Director Grant McLauchlan has been travelling throughout New Zealand, meeting with franchisees face-to-face to discuss their

  • Making it Special

    Murray Strutton has always been a specialist of sorts, first as a professional restorer of vintage cars and now as the go-to guy for Pure Water Window Cleaning in Tauranga. In the five years that Murray has been a CrestClean Franchisee, he says one of the biggest changes for him

  • Pure Water is Popular

    Business is booming in Tauranga for CrestClean’s Pure Water Window Cleaning System. “It’s been incredibly popular,” says Regional Director Jan Lichtwark. The innovative window cleaning system, which uses carbon fibre water-fed poles and filtered water rather than chemicals and cherrypickers, is faster, cleaner and more economical for customers with buildings


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