Sunny Yang and Leo Li enjoy keeping fit by playing basketball.

Playing sport together keeps Christchurch franchisees on the ball

Sunny Yang and Leo Li are a team both on and off the court. The two Christchurch men have both owned CrestClean businesses for more than a decade and have been playing in the same basketball team for almost as long. They say the flexibility of having their own businesses


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    As recently published in Idealog Magazine:     It’s hardly the favourite thing to do around the house, but outside of it, cleaning is big business. Just ask Grant McLauchlan of Dunedin business CrestClean. McLauchlan and his business partner, Rene Mangnus, bought a small Dunedin cleaning company in 1996 with

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    Each day New Zealanders arrive at work blissfully unaware of whether their workplace has been adequately cleaned or worst unaware that they face contamination as a result of untrained commercial cleaners. In the growing health or aged care sectors workers face increase risks from not only a personal safety perspective,

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    ISSA Value of Clean Context Information. This document was released in 2011, and summarises contemporary research into: •    Absenteeism •    Productivity •    Image Enhancement •    Presenteeism and tools to calculate the “Value of Clean”, which is the concept of the value of proper cleaning as it affects organisations. Download full

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    The Value of Cleaning stretches well beyond that of mere appearance. It is an investment in human health, the workplace environment and an improved bottom line. In recent years international research has focused on the impact that proper cleaning has on reducing absenteeism, and in turn how reduced absenteeism increases

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    Sir Richard Branson is the entrepreneur responsible for the Virgin Group of companies. Billionaire adventurer and philanthropist, his companies employ 50,000 people across 30 countries with revenues exceeding US$18 Billion! The BNZ Bank has honored Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd with an exclusive invite to the VIP banquet and cocktail function.

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    Nelson franchisees Paul and Shelly Nicholson recently changed vehicles into this great looking Nissan Cube. This shows just how good our new vehicle branding can look when done really well.

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    As an organisation with a stake in achieving the Workplace Health and Safety Strategy’s vision of ‘healthy people in safe and productive workplaces’, CrestClean recently accepted the challenge to become a Partner in Action with the Department of Labour to reduce New Zealand’s work toll. In the two months since

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    Dr Charles P. Gerba speaks about an interesting issue faced by astronauts NASA.

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    Each year one of CrestClean’s South Auckland customers, Speedy Signs Manukau presents special awards to their Top 10 Suppliers. This year for the second year in a row, one of CrestClean’s franchisees Ravindra Chandra won this title as their Top 10 Supplier. Ravindra has been cleaning their premises for just

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    An eleventh hour rescue by a Kiwi cleaning company could save a possible threat of New Zealand’s team’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. “Following an approach by the New Zealand High Commissioner in Delhi, Rupert Holborow, Crest Cleaning’s India business mucked in to sort out the New



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