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  • High praise from Royal...

    As professions go, dancing and cleaning are about as different as you can get. But these professionals from very contrasting walks of life have one big thing in common – maintaining high standards means having to keep on your toes at all times. Taking a break from rehearsals, a group

  • Cleaning? It’s better than...

    Hours at the gym pumping iron or running on a treadmill is one way to stay in shape – but there’s always a price to working out. But while a gym membership can be costly, Kapil Bhatt has found the perfect way to keep off the kilos while at the

  • Crest trainer takes shine...

    Hardworking Naval Gupta has a dream of where he wants to be within 10 years – hopefully enjoying early retirement! The Wellington CrestClean business owner is spinning many plates in his busy working life, but it’s all part of his master plan to achieve financial freedom by the time he’s

  • CrestClean on track to...

    Punters splashed out large for a flutter on ‘’horses’’ taking part in the Crest Classic. The event was one of the highlights of fun night in Wellington to raise money to keep a community housing project in Fiji on track. CrestClean’s Wellington Regional Manager Richard Brodie had the honour of

  • Hard Floor training has...

    When CrestClean’s Wellington team was looking for a training venue the outcome was a win-win for everyone. The Hard Floor Care course, run by the Master Cleaners Training Institute, teaches newbies to the cleaning industry the essentials of how to manage and maintain a range of different floor surfaces. Dan

  • Vehicle audit wins-over potential...

    A CrestClean audit of franchisees’ vehicles was the deciding factor when a potential customer drove past and was impressed by what he saw. The man had gone on a Saturday morning drive in search of a coffee shop when he chanced upon the neat line-up of CrestClean cars being inspected

  • New Master Franchisee aims...

    CrestClean’s rising star has made a big impression with her Wellington customers and fellow franchisees. As well as being voted New Franchisee of the Year, Zainab Ali has now taken a big step up with her appointment as the new Hutt Valley Master Franchisee. It’s leadership role that has fired

  • Festive treats for hardworking...

    It was game-on for Wellington franchisees when they let their hair down for the annual Christmas party. This year the venue for the combined Wellington and Hutt Valley festive get together was Strike Entertainment Centre in Lower Hutt. The event proved popular and nearly100 people attended. As well as a

  • Rewards aplenty for franchisees

    Teamwork works wonders when you’re a CrestClean franchisee. There’s plenty of camaraderie while working on a large job as these Wellington franchisees found while cleaning as part of a large contract where their dedication to the job has not gone unrecognised. Mike Ritchie, Chief Financial Officer at Scots College in

  • 10-year-milestone is next goal

    There are plenty of rewards being a franchisee. Keshwan receives his seven-year Long Service Certificate from Wellington Regional Manager Richard Brodie.

    Hard-working Keshwan is firmly on track to complete a decade as a CrestClean franchisee. On reaching that milestone he’ll be able to take off on a well-earned break when he receives a $2,000 travel voucher from CrestClean to mark 10 years’ service. In the meantime, he has just clocked up

  • Seal of approval for...

    A husband and wife cleaning team were on the guest list for a special reception to recognise companies, tradespeople, medical personnel, and public servants who provide services to New Zealand’s Governor-General Sir Jerry and Lady Janine Mateparae. Dan and Aijita Sharma, who carry out general cleaning at Government House in Wellington,

  • Riding high with your...

    With a good job done for another day, Crest teams take a chance to pose against the background of one of the revamped cable cars. With them are Richard Brodie (CrestClean Wellington Regional Manager), and Matthew Hardy (Passenger Service Manager).

      These Wellington cleaners get to enjoy a free ticket to ride as part of their daily routine. Being part of a CrestClean Franchise, they enjoy the variety the role brings them carrying out cleaning duties for the revamped Wellington Cable Car. With stunning views over the city landscape, who



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